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Scam and scammers of Ukraine

Author: Elena Ivanova

Exclusive investigation, all the truth about scammers

We conducted our own investigation in order to find out how we can protect men from scammers in the web. For it we checked tens of marriage agencies in Ukraine and the results really chocked us. Tens of men come to Odessa, Kiev, Luhansk, Kharkov a day with the hope to find a nice woman for marriage and become victims of scammers.

This type of frauds takes place mostly in Ukraine. In this country standards of living are very low (even in comparison with Russia), it is very hard to find a good job there, frauds prosper in all types of business. When Ukraine revoked a visa for foreigners, men become an easy target for scammers. There are more than 300 dating agencies only in Odessa, generally they work at home. In our exclusive investigation we studied all the present internet-forums where owners of so-called Ukraine "marriage agencies" exchange their experience in cheating trustful foreigners. One of such "professional" topics includes 748 pages of discussion on the issue of methods of getting money out of clients, and new messages are posted every day.

There are only some of them:

"Men fall for big breasts. We don't economize on Photoshop and a good designer. We painted breasts of the size "H" to one of our girls and these naive Americans believe and line up for her".

"Please, say what flower shops give bunches of flowers for a rent for a half an hour? Our girls have started refusing coming to a flower shop to have their pictures on delivery taken, we have to bring bunches to their places and then to bring them back. And how much do you pay a girl for every bunch, that she made a man buy for her? We give one dollar for one rose".

"My wife works for my marriage agency as a client, she manages to get money out of men best of all – she is an experienced woman. In a whole, I prefer hiring married women, they understand a character of men better, they know what to say and how to turn men on".

"A new method – I am in a hurry to share it with you. We take for translation 15 dollars per hour from 9 am till 7 pm and 25 dollars from 7 pm till 9 am. We say to a client that his girl works till 6.30 and can't meet him earlier. Girls are happy (we give them 30% of the translation fee) and for the money they are ready to sit in a café even up to 4 in the morning".

"I am ready to sell a profile of the girl with a professional portfolio, who brings up to 3000 dollars of income a month in a chat (a translator types for her). There is an agreement with the girl, photos of which are posted, for meeting men on condition that she is paid 10 dollars per hour. The cost of the client is 30.000 dollars. The price is negotiable".

Unfortunately, most of girls in such agencies "work" as clients of a marriage agency. We made tens of calls to so-called marriage agencies in Odessa and we asked them for a job for a percent of the money paid by a man in future. In all the cases we were invited to their offices (often – to flats, because they don't have offices) to discuss variants of collaboration. Unfortunately this "job" is considered to be usual in Ukraine and even prestigious. As we were explained on the phone, we will have to work 10-15 hours a day. But it is not the same as being a tool operator!

The situation is horrifying, the police of Ukraine will hardly ever think of the problem. That is why you are to protect yourself.

Please, avoid:

  • Dating sites where you are to pay for every single letter, video or chat with a girl. You will be involved into an endless process of correspondence and virtual flirt which will turn out to be very expensive for you. 
  • Girls with immodest studio photos – semi-naked breasts, absence of clothes. We have been working in the marriage business since 1999 and we have seen hundreds of thousands of photos of girls. Serious girls would never post such photos. The maximum – a photo in a swimming suit taken on vacation. 
  • The girls which are 18 and searching for a 59-year-old man. It is not true that such marriages take places in Ukraine often. It happens almost never. The only exception is when a man is a millionaire. Girls of 18-20 can be very beautiful and may seem naïve. But they are just working. 
  • The girls who write about love since the second letter. It is an unmistakable sign of the fact that a professional is working.

The main alarm signal is when service of an agency is free for women! Nowadays all serious marriage agencies collect payments from women. And the payments are often not at all small! If a woman pays money for searching for a husband, it is a guarantee that she is not paid for cheating foreigners.
All our clients who register in offices in Russia and have a mark "profile confirmed" pay for their membership. Sometimes this sum is up to one the third of an average salary!

We would also recommend you to avoid Odessa and Luhansk in a whole, because in these the very cities the risk of being cheated is specially high. Moreover, the sum which is left by a foreigner in the unsuccessful search of her future wife is rarely less than 5000 dollars. Probably there are also some honest marriage agencies, but it is almost impossible to find them.

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